What do we mean by Wound Components or Magnetics?

Wound Components or Magnetics are typically electrical transformers, inductors, air coils & chokes used in electronic circuits. Marque Magnetics can assist you with your custom wound components & magnetics needs.

Are you Designing?

Our engineering team, with over 40 years combined experience in the design & manufacture of wound components, is available to aid you in the design and prototyping of your custom magnetics. Save time and money by working with experts to do the job quickly and right the first time.

Are you Sourcing?

With manufacturing plants in China & New Zealand we offer the supply flexibility & pricing options you need. We also do equivalents to off - the - shelf "standard" products.


Thanks MM for being involved in our growth! The service is fantastic and your people are very helpful. Thank you Jessie and all the team.
Tracy Lacok - Purchasing
Marque Magnetics has been an essential partner in sourcing custom parts for our designs. Their engineering support is excellent all .the way through from design to manufacture. Quality is consistently high, and their prices are competitive. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a supplier.
Jason Morris - Hardware Engineering
Marque has been most supportive on technical issues towards improving our products. For any commercial queries or issues I receive quick responses, their lead times are excellent and on-time delivery is excellent as well. Customer Service is very focused on the customer, which is fantastic for me.
Janie Ah Yeung - Purchasing Officer

"World class custom wound component design, manufacture and supply... ANYWHERE fast!"

This is Our Process:

1.  Define Your Requirements

You define Your Requirements in one of our RFQ or RFD online forms

2.  The Time Frame

We will acknowledge your request and give you a timeframe for the solution within 48 hours

3.  Your Design and Pricing

We will supply you with a Design and/or a Price within the specified timeframe

4.  Your Prototype

We will supply you with samples once design/price are agreed